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GAGE makes it easy to win at work

Good workplaces are built on transparency, communication, and accountability — and that starts with GAGE.


No more surprises—get regular, thoughtful feedback on what you bring to the table, and on-the-go insight to help you take your next step


Running late or have a quick question? Shoot your manager a note with a quick notice

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Submit your Two Weeks

No one should be penalized for leaving a job. Submit your two weeks through Gage and score points for leaving well

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Your Gage

Power up your resume with a true work score—your Gage is yours to keep

Know how you're doing
Give a heads up
Smooth transitions
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Skip the guesswork

Stay on top of performance measurement, grow your people and build good communication habits with your team.

Everything in one place

Evaluations, on-the-go feedback, communication, and notes—all in one place.


Performance is measured best in small doses. Let your team know how they’re doing on the go with high fives and nudges


Get in-app updates from your team and never miss a beat.


Gage makes it easy to measure your team’s perfomance and give thoughtful feedback.

Ditch the spreadsheets
Give feedback as you go
Stay in the know
Don’t sweat evaluations
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Make culture wins

No matter the industry, we’re all in the people business. Develop and keep good people with transparency, communication, and accountability.


Evaluations, on-the-go feedback, communication, and notes—all in one place.

Member Profiles

Teach hard skills, develop soft skills. Gage is designed to develop and measure valuable soft skills that create growth across the board

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Gage Health Dashboard

Gain insight on how to grow your team and never miss a beat with real time performance metrics

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Hire with Confidence

Say goodbye to intuition hires. Build your team with the right mix and the right insight

Team up with Gage
Measure what matters
Know how your team is doing
Hire with confidence

How it works

To paint a holistic picture, GAGE measures three key categories

Soft skills, quantified

GAGE measures the skills that are most effective from job to job.

Work history consistency

No job lasts forever. GAGE measures consistency over time to reward the right mix of commitment and growth.

Job transition health

When it’s time for the next thing, GAGE makes it easy to leave well and measures each transition as a key signal for effective communication.

How we built the GAGE

An employment score made by real mathematicians

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Patent Pending Algorithm

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Designed and weighted for growth overtime

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Vetted by management experts

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Regular adjustments to optimize GAGE accuracy

“We wanted to build a common table for the workforce”

In the history of jobs, there’s never been a central, objective way of measuring performance at work. We wanted to change that. In today’s climate where employers and staff are at odds, we wanted to introduce a tool that could bring everyone to a common table with transparency and accountability. GAGE is a tool that gives managers  what they need to be good managers, while empowering every staff member in their career journey with a badge of excellence for the work behind them.

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Justin Hanshaw
Justin HEnshaw
GAGE Founder

What our clients are saying

365 Marketing
Testimonial Image Texure
GAGE benefits business owners, managers, and employees

We are excited to have GAGE in all 11 Parker’s Convenience stores. To be able to measure performance, grow my team, and improve workplace culture is incredibly valuable. This is a great platform for business owners, managers, and employees alike.

Patrick Parker

Owner, Parker’s Convenience Stores
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Love the High Fives

As a manager, It’s an amazing way to connect with ALL your employees and let them know you appreciate them on the spot in real time. Love the high fives!

Nick J.

Regional Manager, Jimmy Johns
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GAGE has become a big part of my team’s experience

GAGE has become a big part of my team’s experience. They love getting random high-fives when they’ve done something good and always correct any issues they get a nudge for. They’ve used it to send in notices and it has really helped with communication!

Akira Seals

Regional Manager, Smoothie King
Coastal Illustrated
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GAGE helps employees feel valued

No one wants to go into a job every day and feel like they don’t matter. GAGE gives us another way to help employees realize we need you; we can’t do this without you.

Sarah Callaway

Owner, Sandy Bottom Bagels
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Evaluations are great

Evaluations are really great. Having defined areas to succeed in is very helpful in valuing staff.

Evan Beard

Operations manager, Wake Up Coffee Co.


Bet you’re curious

Who is using GAGE?

Staff, managers, and business owners across several industries. GAGE is most effective when used by teams in fast-paced environments where regular input and communication can help staff and managers thrive.

Who is able to see my GAGE?

While managers can provide performance feedback through touchpoints and evaluations, only account owners can see team GAGE scores.

What happens to my GAGE if I leave my job?

Your GAGE is yours to keep! Take your GAGE with you when you head to your next job.

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No matter the industry, we're all in the people business. Develop and keep good people with transparency, communication, and accountability
Measure performance
Grow your people
Win at culture
Build your business with the new gold standard in people development.

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No matter the industry, we're all in the people business. Develop and keep good people with transparency, communication, and accountability