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Employers want to attract, develop and retain good people. Employees want recognition for their work, feedback, and growth opportunities. GAGE creates a work environment that makes all of this possible.

What is GAGE?

What is GAGE?

GAGE is a revolutionary recognition system that celebrates performance in the workplace and gives employees validation for their work.

Business Owners:
Overcome today's challenging work environment with a tool built for increasing employee retention and engagement.
Easily give and record feedback that leads to an effortless evaluation process.
Be recognized and rewarded for high performance at work, while developing skills that grow careers.

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What our clients are saying

Candidates with high GAGE Scores get hired

GAGE is a great tool to evaluate employee performance overall. During the interview process, I ask about GAGE Scores. Candidates with a higher GAGE Score get hired with their preferred positions and hours.

Clark Drury

Owner, Chick-fil-A St. Simons Island
GAGE will actually help sustain a higher retention rate

In this workforce today retention is more important than ever. The app provides a great way for us as a business and as leaders to stay engaged, and reinforce all the positive traits that we want to see replicated in our teams. GAGE will actually help to sustain a higher retention rate with our team.

Chris Thorpe

Executive Director, Marsh's Edge
Investing in GAGE is investing in our team

Investing in GAGE is investing in our team, which is paramount because they are our most valuable asset. The platform gives our team a way to improve, which leads to the improvement of their service, and ultimately sales. For our business, each sale equals a life being changed, as 100% of our profits go to The Gathering Place.

Jimmy Gunderman

Executive Director, The Gathering Place
GAGE has increased productivity and efficiency

GAGE is a tool that has effectively increased productivity and efficiency within our team and store. We have developed strong communication by understanding and valuing each other more through Touchpoints. It also allows us to use GAGE metrics to incentivize performance by rewarding gas cards, raises, and more.

Tyrese Holland

Director of Trainings, Chick-fil-A St. Simons Island
Coastal Illustrated
GAGE helps employees feel valued

No one wants to go into a job every day and feel like they don’t matter. GAGE gives us another way to help employees realize we need you; we can’t do this without you.

Sarah Callaway

Owner, Sandy Bottom Bagels

Want to know more about the score?


Score transfers from job to job


Decide who contributes and sees your score


Celebrate performance in the workplace

Patent Algorithm

Patent pending algorithm that protects user scores from data infringement

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No matter the industry, we're all in the people business. Develop and keep good people with transparency, communication, and accountability


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No matter the industry, we're all in the people business. Learn how you can devolop and retain your team with GAGE today.
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