GAGE businesses have increased employee retention

June 19, 2023
The Brunswick News
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GAGE launched in January and is proud to share the results of their newest partners including Chick-fil-A, Marsh’s Edge, and Gather Thrift and Cafe. The partners are among more than 40 businesses that have joined GAGE in their efforts to “Build a Better Workforce”, including Golden Isles Convention & Visitors Bureau and Light of Hope Learning Center.

According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of the top operational obstacles facing businesses today is retaining staff. In addition to retention, a recent Gallup report states that employee engagement has fallen to 32%, the lowest rate in a decade. The workforce is also adjusting to generational shifts. A recent survey of Gen Z and Millennials showcased that an increase in recognition and rewards would make 79% of respondents more loyal to their employer – but 50% believe managers do not currently recognize strong job performance.

GAGE helps resolve these challenges by giving businesses the tools to easily recognize employees on-the-go and reward performance at work. Since using GAGE, multiple businesses have increased their retention rate up to 92%.

“In this workforce today, retention is more important than ever,” says Chris Thorpe, Executive Director at Marsh’s Edge. “The app provides a great way for us as a business and as leaders to stay engaged, and reinforce all the positive traits that we want to see replicated in our teams.” Thorpe continues to explain how “GAGE will actually help to sustain a higher retention rate with our team.”

Christine Harris, Human Resources Director at Marsh’s Edge expressed, “I love the GAGE app, I think it’s the future.” Harris went to the GAGE soft launch back in September 2022 and said she “knew that it was going to be something great for all of our employees, and for any other employer.”

Life Enrichment Leader at Marsh’s Edge, Marcus Key, agrees with Harris. He mentions that the app “is a way of showing someone that you really appreciate them. “I just received a high-five as I was doing this interview, which I love.” GAGE reported that 97% of employees ages 15-27 are in favor of the platform.

Clark Drury, owner of Chick-fil-A St. Simons Island, expressed how the app is a “convenient way to acknowledge good performance and give feedback on how to improve.” Tyrese Holland, Director of Trainings for the restaurant, further explains that the app “has effectively increased productivity and efficiency within our team and store.” The GAGE score also allows them to “incentivize performance by rewarding gas cards, raises, and more.”

The Employment Score is the heart of GAGE, and there’s a gamified element to it. High performance in the workplace leads to higher scores and vice versa. Performance is measured through GAGE Evaluations and Toughpoints, High Fives are for positive recognition and Nudges give re-direction when there are areas of improvement. Employees feel appreciated and motivated as their scores rise.

Sara Black, owner of Chick-fil-A Brunswick was the first GAGE customer. Black has been an incredible ambassador for the platform and has even helped discover what new features would be most useful.

Black explains that “in our fast paced, demanding environment centered around continuous improvement, GAGE allows us the time to point out what was done right and to stop and celebrate that.” The platform “has given our leadership the ability to provide real-time feedback to our employees.”

“Investing in GAGE is investing in our team, which is paramount because they are our most valuable asset,” says Jimmy Gunderman, Executive Director of The Gathering Place. Gunderman believes the platform will be beneficial to Gather Thrift and Cafe by providing them with the “tools to encourage accountability, growth, and real-time feedback for our team members.”

“I couldn’t be happier that GAGE has made such a positive difference with local businesses and our community” says Justin Henshaw, GAGE Founder and CEO. The tech startup is determined to increase retention rates and employee engagement for the workforce entirely. Starting today, GAGE is offering a 30-day free trial for businesses who are interested in joining.


GAGE is a platform and mobile app that is designed to Build a Better Workforce with employee recognition and performance management software in addition to the first-ever Universal Employment Score. The software helps measure and track performance, develop employees, and improve workplace culture, retention, and engagement with easy to use features. Touchpoint features such as High-Fives, Nudges, and Evaluations provide feedback and regular check-ins between managers and their teams. The GAGE Employment Score is private and based on three categories: job history, job performance and job transitions. For employers, the score gives them the tools to be good leaders and reduce turnover, while empowering their employees on their career journeys. For employees, the score allows them to own their work. Employees can build a lifelong, universal, and verified record of their employment accomplishments, which transfers from job to job. GAGE is free for employees and available for businesses to purchase. Learn more about GAGE at or follow @gagework on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn.