January 18, 2023
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ST. SIMONS ISLAND, GA (January 18, 2022) –Today GAGE launched their platform and mobile app featuring employee recognition software and the first-ever universal employment score. GAGE is designed to Build a Better Workforce. “Imagine in the near future, instead of asking for a resume or references an employer says ‘Are you on GAGE? What’s your score?’” says Justin Henshaw, Founder and CEO of GAGE. The GAGE app is now free for employees to download, and businesses can purchase the platform starting as low as $39/month.

There are two primary functions of GAGE. The first function is Employee Recognition. GAGE helps measure and track performance, develop employees, and improve workplace culture. The second function is the Universal Employment Score. We live in a world of measurement and metrics. GAGE is the world's first standardized system that measures a person's employment performance and accomplishments. It’s designed to reward good work while providing insights for areas of growth. It allows employees to build a lifelong, private, universal, verified record of career accomplishments, and own their work history that transfers from job to job.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a majority of businesses cite recruiting, hiring, and retaining staff as their #1 operational obstacle. “This immediate electronic feedback resonates with this generation” says Susan Bates, owner of Tipsy McSway’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill and founding GAGE business. “They always have a phone in their hand, they have their Fitbits on. It’s valuable to me to have a tool where I can show my appreciation with my employees or team members, across the board at my fingertips and GAGE helps build that. It’s meaningful to my employees as well. They like getting the notifications.”

  • How GAGE helps employers:
  • Provide accountability and communication
  • Increase retention of staff
  • Attract talent
  • Eliminate quiet quitting
  • Reduce no-call, no shows
  • Improve workplace performance and culture
  • Monitor retention rate, management/staff engagement, performance, and more analytics through the Dashboard

Patrick Parker, owner of Parker’s Convenience Stores explains “We are excited to have GAGE in 11 Parker’s Convenience stores. To be able to measure performance, grow my team, and improve workplace culture is incredibly valuable. This is a great platform for business owners, managers, and employees alike.”

A Study by Harvard Business School reported that 9 out of 10 people would take less money for work they find meaningful. Shayla Bermudez, student at College of Coastal Georgia, explains “I really like having the ability to own my GAGE score, keep the data it provides, and the choice to use it as a credit of my value to future employers is empowering. It is obvious that GAGE was created considering the needs and concerns of employees. It is refreshing to have my perspective considered.”

How GAGE helps employees:

  • For the first time, own their work
  • Provide transparency and communication
  • Be seen, heard, and valued
  • Improve workplace culture
  • Attract employers
  • Replace the resume
  • Transition well, with ease, and get credit for it

Businesses and employees across several industries are using GAGE. GAGE is most effective when used by teams in fast-paced environments where regular input and communication can help staff and managers thrive.

The founding GAGE businesses include Brunswick Golden Isles Chamber, Fuse Frozen Co., Halyards, Halyards Catering, Henshaw Co., Gilbert, Harrell, Sumerford & Martin, Island Sound, Jimmy John’s, La Plancha, Parker’s Convenience Stores, Ironside Café (formerly Salata), Sandy Bottom Bagels, Silver Bluff Brewing Company, Skylark, Smoothie King, Tipsy McSways Neighborhood Bar & Grill, Tramici, and Wake Up Coffee Company.

Businesses can get started by purchasing a GAGE subscription starting as low as $39/month on The GAGE mobile app is free for employees to download today at To learn more visit or call at 833.483.4243 (GAGE).  


GAGE is a platform and mobile app that is designed to Build a Better Workforce with employee recognition software and the first-ever Universal Employment Score. The GAGE employee recognition software helps measure and track performance, develop employees, and improve workplace culture with quick and easy Touchpoint features such as High-Fives, Nudges, and Evaluations for regular check-ins between managers and their teams. The GAGE Employment Score is private and based on three categories: job history, job performance and job transitions. For employers, the score gives them the tools to be good leaders and reduce turnover, while empowering their employees in their career journey. For employees, the score allows them to build a lifelong, universal, verified record of their employment accomplishments, and own their work that transfers from job to job. GAGE is free for employees and available for businesses to purchase. Learn more about GAGE at or follow @gagework on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.