Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: June 24, 2022

What does gage do with my information?

Gage does not sell or distribute any personal information.

What is the Gage Score?

The Gage Score is the world’s first standardized score that measures performance, soft skills and overall employability of a person within the workforce. We’ve spent a lot of time honing and fine tuning Gage to making sure that it is the most accurate and fair score to represent someone’s employability. We do not disclose the specifics of the formula but we do make it clear as to what affects your score.

Who is able to see my score?

Your score is private. It’s yours and yours alone. It is never shared without your permission. It can only be viewed by the business owner/admin of the job you work for and only if you allow them to connect with you. You can also share your score if you want to show it off!

Who is able to score me?

Any manager, supervisor, and/or business owner you work for.

What if I have issues with the Manager?

Things aren’t always cut and dry, we understand. That’s always difficult and a possibility. With Gage, you now have a voice. If there are any issues you need to report, you can do so within the app and you can do it anonymously if you choose. You can report any issues to the business owner/admin or directly to Gage. Rest assured, the score is designed to track behavior over time. It’s designed to be forgiving for one or two outlying situations. As long that it’s not a pattern. You can rebuild quickly if you find yourself in this situation.

How long do I have to stay at my job to get a good job history score?

Great question. Try to commit to a job for a few months at least. 3 months is a good minimum commitment to target. The longer you are with any job, the better. It shows commitment and fortitude.

How can I improve my score?

Easy! If you can do these 3 things your score will grow.

  • Commit to your job and stay as long as it makes sense.
  • Do good work while you’re there.
  • And when the time comes for you to move on, transition well by putting in your notice.

What happens to my score if I leave my job?

Job transitions are a normal, healthy part of life. They should be celebrated and rewarded if they are done well. If you leave your job appropriately with a 2-weeks’ notice, your score will go up. However, if you do not, and you choose to abandon your job, your employer and your team, then your score will take a hit.

How does GAGE protect from fraud?

We are committed to the integrity of the GAGE system. Above all, GAGE needs to be a trusted source of information. We have several systems in place to protect against fraud. If you are aware of any situations of fraud you can report it to

Do I have to add my work history?

No. But we believe that you would want to. No matter your history, it’s important to know where you’ve come from so that you can track and monitor your growth. It’s best to get a complete, holistic view of your work history.

Can I dispute evaluations or touch points?

You can dispute cases of fraud. But you can’t dispute performance remarks simply because you might disagree with them. We recommend addressing evaluations with your manager if you wish to understand the evaluation better.

Can my score help me get promoted?

While that’s a decision completely up to your employer, we believe that the score will help guide them in their decision making.

Who can see feedback I give about my manager?

Feedback about a manager can be seen only by the manager and the owner/admin of the business.

What if I can’t get employment verified (manager left, company closed, etc.)?

No problem. It will still be added to your profile, but it won’t contribute to your score. It doesn’t negatively impact your score.

Can I delete my account and start over if I don’t like my score?

No. We suggest working to improve your to show future managers change over time!

Why hasn’t my score moved?

Good question. There are any number of reasons for this; however, if you feel there is an error or something wrong, send an email to

Can I share my score?

Absolutely. Be proud of your work! Show it off if you want.