Our Vision

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We believe most people want to do a good job at work—

to grow, learn, and find meaning in what they do. But when we don’t feel we are accomplishing long-term goals—when we can’t see progress—it’s disheartening. We stop giving our best.


One of the biggest factors in whether or not we enjoy work is the people we work with. This stems from a natural tension between employers and employees.

Employers don’t want another no-call-no-show, another non-team player. They want to know that when they make a hiring decision and place their trust in someone, they won’t regret it.

Employees want to know their managers see what they're doing right, the magical moments, not just the two-minutes-late corrections. They are looking for meaning— the long game they are playing, a bigger goal ahead. That it’s more than that next sweep, that next french fry, lipstick sale or hotel-guest check in.

For a long time, we’ve needed a mediator between employers and employees—an objective system to score and monitor job performance. A concrete equalizer that brings accountability and responsibility to the workplace. That helps employees track their longterm accomplishments, so they know how to grow. And guides employers to make better hiring decisions.

Gage inspires employees to do a good job at work, every day. It provides a clear path, obvious opportunities, and areas for growth. Then they can see the next step—another rung on the ladder that promises tomorrow can be better, and next year will be the best.