Ways to Integrate GAGE

Below are a few tips for how to easily integrate GAGE into your workplace.

Incorporate GAGE into Your Company Onboarding 

Incorporate GAGE into your new employee onboarding process by having employees watch the corresponding demonstration training video: Demo for Admin/Managers (7 minutes) and Demo for Employees (4 minutes)

Incorporate GAGE Usage into Manager Measurements

Determine weekly and monthly touchpoint (high fives/nudges) goals for managers. Determine how frequently you give evaluations, monthly or quarterly.

Celebrate GAGE Milestones

Determine how to celebrate and encourage high GAGE Scores and tie those milestones to incentives: gift cards, bonuses, public recognition, etc. Read further about Incentive Ideas.

Top used GAGE functions

Give quick and easy feedback that helps employees feel seen, heard and valued!

High Five Demo
Nudges Demo

Touchpoints: High Fives and Nudges

Give instant positive feedback or constructive criticism to your team members and help shorten the feedback loop and their personal growth.

Add Employee (App) Demo
Add Employee (Admin Portal) Demo
Remove Employee Demo

Adding/Removing Employees

Adding and Removing Employees are an important part of GAGE. How long an employee worked at the company and how the employee transitioned (ended) is part of the GAGE score calculations.




Incorporate GAGE into your new employee onboarding process by having employees watch the corresponding demonstration training video:

Demo for Admins/Managers

Demo for Employees


Learn more about GAGE and find the help you need by watching videos in our extensive GAGE video library.

Manager Tutorials

Admin Tutorials


Print off and read though our guides "off-line" when you have a moment away from your devices and people.

Manager Guide

Admin Guide

Quick Tips

Print off and hang our quick tips for using GAGE in your companies break room or distribute to staff as needed.

Quick Tips for Admins/Managers

 Quick Tips for Team Members

Admin and Manager FAQs


Is GAGE age restrictive?

Our age restrictions align with employment state laws. 

Is there a way to perform a background check through the app?

Not currently, we are considering this for a future feature.

How do you confirm identity?

GAGE confirms employee identity via a combination of mobile phone numbers, email addresses, and Names.

What legal protections are in place for a GAGE business, in case of a dissatisfied employee?

Legal exposure is reduced for all GAGE participating businesses due to our 100% voluntary policy. Downloading, agreeing and accepting the GAGE terms of use and other policies (End User License Agreement) are completely voluntary for users.

How is an employee's job history verified?

Once an employee is connected to a GAGE participating business, this process serves as employment verification. If an employee is terminated from a workspace or transitions to another, their job history will reflect this change.

To learn more, view the following video:

How does GAGE protect users against fraud?

The privacy and security of all user information is our top priority. We have several systems in place to protect users against fraud. If you are aware of any fraudulent activity involving a GAGE user, you can report it to our support team at support@gagework.com.

Can an employee be connected to more than one business at the same time?

Yes! If an employee is employed by more than one business, they can be added to each prospective workspace. Employees can simultaneously receive feedback, touchpoints, and evaluations from each business they are connected to.

How does the app manage termination of an employee?

Any termination, whether it be good or bad, is a quick process.

The manager of the employee terminates the employee via the App and submits a short, three question exit evaluation. 

Learn more by viewing the following video.

Once an employee leaves a workspace, are employers left a copy of their activity/performance?

Yes. Previous employers are left a record of any employee activity/performance that took place at the time of employment (connected to the workspace). Employers however, are NOT able to view a past employee’s GAGE score.


How long after an employee resigns, does a manager have access to their GAGE profile and score?

When an employee submits their 2-weeks notice, the workspace manager/admin has access to their profile and score, until an exit evaluation is completed. Once an exit evaluation is completed, the manager/admin will no longer have access to a previous employee’s profile or score.

Can employees evaluate a manager?

At the moment, employees can send managers high-fives but are not able to complete evaluations.

Can an employee report a manager for misuse/abuse?

Yes they can. Learn more here:

Will GAGE cost managers more time?

When used properly GAGE saves time. Managers save time by easy evaluations, instantaneous feedback with touch points and we will increase your retention, saving you time on hiring.

How long do I have to stay at a job to get a good score?

For proprietary reasons, we can’t disclose a specific threshold for the amount of time it takes to get a good GAGE score; however, typically the longer you stay at your job, the better your score will be. This will not only show current employers your ability to commit but, any future employers as well.

What if you can't get previous work verified?

You can add past work history; it just won’t be verified. Meaning that it won’t contribute to the score and have a GAGE verified mark on your work history. 

How does the app manage termination of an employee?

Any termination, whether it be good or bad, is a quick process.

The manager of the employee terminates the employee via the App and submits a short, three question exit evaluation. 

Learn more by viewing the following video.

How are 2-weeks notices verified in GAGE?

Once a 2-week notice is submitted by an employee, their manager will receive the notice. At the end of the 2-weeks notice the manager will be prompted to submit an Exit Evaluation on the employee. The exit evaluation will confirm that the employee fulfilled their obligation.

To learn more, view the following videos:

Who can see my score?

Your score is private. It’s yours and yours alone. It is never shared without your permission. It can only be viewed by the business owner/admin of the job you work for and only if you allow them to connect with you. You can also share your score if you want to show it off!

Can you dispute an evaluation you don't agree with?

Disagreement with an evaluation doesn't serve as any ground for disputation. However, If you feel that an evaluation you were given is either fraudulent, or was conducted by someone who is not your assigned manager, you can report the situation to support@GAGEwork.com.

Can I freeze my score?

You cannot initiate a freeze on your GAGE score however, the transition to a non GAGE participating business from a participating one, will act as a freeze on your score.

What if someone refuses to give me an exit evaluation?

Once notified, GAGE corporate will send reminders to the business and its admin. If the specific business fails to give an exit evaluation following this process, the system will default to issuing a positive exit evaluation.

Employee Engagement & Participation

What if an employee refuses to download the GAGE app on their personal device and participate?

We very rarely see any hesitation or refusals to participate.  With that being said… GAGE is a voluntary system to participate in.  We believe true change never happens when anyone is forced to do anything.  The business and managers can use the system the same whether or not the employee accepts the invitation request.  If and when the employee decides to participate, that information will connect to their profile and score.

Are there any instances where someone’s score decreases consistently?

Yes, but there are many opportunities for improvements to a GAGE score by performing well in their workspace.

Does GAGE discourage face to face interaction in the workplace?

We highly encourage using GAGE as an aid for enforcing face-to-face communication in the workplace. After all, communication is recognized as one of the 10 most important soft skills within the GAGE system. Communication is a skill that cannot be properly demonstrated without in person interaction.

How can management motivate employees to use GAGE regularly?

An example of how management can encourage employees to use GAGE regularly is via incentive programs. Recognition and rewards through an incentive program can be based on GAGE scores. For example, if an employee gets into the 600’s, 700’s, or 800’s score range, there can be a reward, promotion or bonus for their accomplishment. All incentives are completely up to the management of a GAGE business to implement and enforce.

Is there any pushback with the GAGE score defining employee performance?

Our research shows that less than 5% of people are opposed to the GAGE score demonstrating their employment performance. GAGE is completely voluntary to participate in, therefore no one who is resistant to the GAGE system will ever have to take part against their will.

High-Fives and Nudges

Can you dispute a comment/rating?

No you cannot.  But you can report abuse or misuse through the app and you can do it anonymously if you’d like.

Learn more in this video:

Can nudges be removed or edited in case of an error?

Permanence and the inability to modify past actions is paramount to our system. The best way to undo the effects of a Nudge is to give a High Five. 

Is there a set amount of touchpoints (high-fives & nudges) that managers have to issue to employees each day?

Every business has their own set of guidelines and processes therefore, having one set amount of touchpoints for all businesses to uphold is difficult to establish. The required amount of touchpoints issued each day is completely up to the managers of a workspace to decide.

Are employees able to Nudge managers/employers?

No. Nudges are a managerial tool and only used down hill.  Employer to manager, manager to staff, etc.  High Fives can be given peer to peer and peer to manager.

Does a Nudge reduce your score?

Not directly or independently, but it does have a negative impact on your overall score. The best way to remove the impact of a Nudge is to get a High Five.

If an employee gives a manager a high-five, does this impact the manager's score?

Yes, if an employee sends a manager a high-five, this will positively impact the manager’s score.


How do you prevent score inflation? Can anyone reach a score of 1000?

Reaching a score of 1000 is possible within the GAGE algorithm. Our formula will evolve and modify over time. We will never stop learning and adapting to certain patterns in user behavior. We are committed to making the score as accurate and reliable as possible.

Has anyone’s GAGE score dipped below a 500?

Yes, there have been cases where an employee’s score has fallen below 500. Consistently receiving nudges or negative evaluations can eventually lead to a score less than 500. However, receiving high-fives and good evaluations will raise a GAGE score.

How are GAGE scores protected against managers showing favoritism or indifference towards certain employees?

The GAGE algorithm is completely capable of detecting the misuse of any score affecting features. The algorithm is built to learn and track the behavioral patterns of managers, and it adapts to any excessive activity.

How can I improve my score?

Easy! If you can do these 3 things your score will grow:

  1. Commit to your job and stay as long as it makes sense.
  2. Do good work while you’re there.
  3. And when the time comes for you to move on, transition well by putting in your 2-weeks notice.

What happens to my score if I leave my job?

Job transitions are a normal, healthy part of life. They should be celebrated and rewarded if they are done well. If you leave your job appropriately with a 2-weeks’ notice, your score will go up. However, if you do not, and you choose to abandon your job, your employer and your team, then your score will take a hit.

Can my score help me get promoted?

While that’s a decision completely up to your employer, we believe that the score will help guide them in their decision making.

Why hasn’t my score moved?

Good question. There are any number of reasons for this; however, if you feel there is an error or something wrong, send an email to support@gagework.com

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